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5 Years of Tablet PCs – Let’s Talk Tablet PC



We are rapidly approaching the 5-year anniversary of Microsoft’s launch of the Tablet PC. I’m sure the mainstream press is going to be coming out with its own “assessment”, but what’s really important is what we all think. After all, we are the ones buying them, using them, using the software built for them, etc.

The market has changed tremendously over the years: introduction of UMPCs, touch, multi-touch via the Surface which will support digital ink, MIDs, we’ve gone from xp tablet edition to sp2 to Vista which has tablet bits built-in, the disappearance of the hybrid, ISVs entering the space with enthusiasm to leaving after a few years, distributors experiencing much success, continual Apple Tablet PC rumors, some OEMs expanding offerings, other OEMs narrowing offerings, and Dell finally entering after a 5 year absence.

Some critical questions need to be asked of all who participate in the space, and we hope to do that over the next several weeks with our own editorials: to honestly talk about the issues that need to be raised, offer praises where due, and offer criticism where necessary.

What matters most, though, is what you, the tablet pc owner, the business, the ISV, the OEM, the distributor, and the prospective buyer thinks of the past 5 years, the current state of the tablet pc, and the prospects for its’ future. 

We at, and the larger community in general, want to hear from you. Post your comments here, blog about it, etc.

Let’s talk Tablet PC.


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