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CES 2015

5th Gen Intel Core Processors Boost Battery Life & Power



If you buy a new notebook in 2015, Intel is ready to deliver the power you need, better battery life and new ways to control your computer with your voice, with motion like you’ve seen Big Bang Star Jim Parsons show on TV.

The new 5th Gen Intel Core processor focuses on delivering improvements in three key areas that are traditional pain points for consumers — performance, battery life and making it easier to use a computer.

At CES 2105, Intel announced the new 5th Gen Intel Core processors with a smaller size and key improvements to performance and battery life.

Intel estimates that there are 600 million computers over four years old, that consumers are ready to upgrade and Intel shares that owners of 2-in-1 notebooks and tablets are upgrading a year earlier than traditional notebooks thanks to a desire to get the latest and greatest.

Intel announced a new processor that delivers better performance and battery life.

Intel announced a new processor that delivers better performance and battery life.

You will see many new notebooks and 2-in-1 devices arriving in January 2015 with these new Intel processors, and other options coming later this year as manufacturers upgrade devices and announce new

Intel claims the new 5th Gen Intel Core processors can deliver up to 22% better graphics for 3D gaming, up to 50% faster video conversion and up to 4% better productivity.

The new Intel HD Graphics 5500 & 6000 GPU options as well as a Intel Iris Graphics 6100 GPU offer increased performance over the 4th generation processors in notebooks sold throughout 2014.

In addition to the increased power for gaming and creating videos and other projects, the new 5th Gen Intel Core processors also offer up to 1.5 hours of added battery life while watching 1080P or Ultra HD video compared to the 4th Gen processors. This is local video playback, not streaming like you experience with Netflix or Hulu Plus. Intel also claims users will gain an hour of battery life with Windows 8.1 Idle and the display on. All of this translates into longer battery life for users with a new notebook or 2-in-1 with a 5th Gen Intel Core processor.

Notebooks, PCs and All-In-Ones with the new 5th Gen Intel Core processors may be equipped with Intel RealSense technology that can capture and scan objects to determine the depth and shape of objects as well as separate objects from the background in real-time. You can play with and interact with the computer without the need to touch it. See Intel RealSense in action in the video below.

On computers with the 5th Gen Intel Core processors, the owner can use a built-in Voice Assistant to dictate to the computer, search the web, control some PC functions, play movies and music and now this works in browsers and in apps like iTunes, Spotify, Facebook and other apps. The voice assistant feature is now more natural and includes six languages with four additional coming in January.

Computers with the 5th Gen Intel Core processors also support new Intel WiDi features to wirelessly stream your notebook display to a HDTV or projector, now with support for up to 4k. There is also a new Intel WiDi adapter that retails for $39.99. There is also support for Intel Wireless Gigabit and Wireless Gigabit docking.

Consumers will see the 5th Gen Intel Core processors in new notebooks, 2-in-1 notebooks and in other computers starting in January and then throughout 2015.

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