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5th Grade Teacher Reviews Samsung Q1 UMPC



K.J. Penfeld teaches 5th grade. K.J. has also recently purchased a Samsung Q1 UMPC. K.J., like many, is a little concerned about the rap that the UMPC/Origami has taken in the press and has published a first hand look with some real user reactions to using the Q1. Here’s a snip from the conclusion:

All in all, this is a very intuitive piece of equipment that could take the place of a low-end laptop, depending on the user’s need.  However, as a companion pc, it definitely outperforms a PDA.  I have owned both Palm and Dell Axims and this device beats them hands down for my needs in regard to mobile usage.  But, again, the Samsung Q1 is not meant to replace a desktop or laptop system, but rather serves as a Companion.  I have had this Q1 for two weeks now and have enjoyed it immensely.  It will suit my needs perfectly. 

The more real user reactions we see, pro and con, the better. Read the entire review here. 

Hat Tip to UMPCBuzz

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