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6 Best iPhone Road Trip Apps



Your iPhone is one of the most important pieces of technology that you can have with you when you’re traveling, especially during a road trip, but are you using it to its fullest potential? Here are six of the best iPhone road trip apps that are sure to make your car ride easier and less stressful.

There certainly isn’t a shortage of apps available for the iPhone that you can use for road trips, and while I don’t go on road long trips too often (maybe 2-3 times per year), I always take use those opportunities to see what the best road trip apps are in order to optimize my traveling for the next time.

I’ve had the pleasure of using quite a few different apps that are great to have during road trips, but only a handful of them are actually worthy of being the best to have in your road trip app arsenal on your iPhone, especially considering that there are so many apps that do the same thing.

In any case, some road trip apps are great for passing the time, like listening to music or podcasts, and other road trip apps are essential for making sure you’re getting to where you’re going without any hiccups. However, you only need one app for each purpose, and that is where it can get a bit difficult as far as choosing the right app, but I’ve

Without further ado, here are some of the best iPhone road trip apps that you should have installed.

Google Maps

Google Maps

It’s hard to choose between Apple’s built-in Maps app on the iPhone and Google Maps. The nice thing about Apple Maps is that it integrates with other built-in iPhone apps and features, like Siri and Safari. However, I find that Google Maps has better maps and data overall, making it the best choice if you want the most accurate routes.

Plus, Google Maps comes with public transportation directions, but perhaps the biggest upside of Google Maps is that it’s a Google product. Google is a powerful company with a ton of up-to-date map data that far surpasses anything that Apple has currently, including superior live traffic data that can be extremely helpful during a road trip.

Of course, all of that data doesn’t make Google the most-liked company as far as privacy is concerned, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not a big fan of Google Maps.


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