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64 GB SSD Comes to the 2710p



HP 2710p Tablet PC SSD SSD drives are one of the best things to happen to mobile computers in quite some time – performance boost, boot time, and more. James Kendrick recently noticed that HP added a 64 gb SSD option to the 2710p Tablet PC, but it comes at a price – about $900. It may sound high, and it is, but that price is in line with what other OEMs are charging for a 64 gb SSD right now. Hopefully prices will start dropping soon.

After using a 32 gb SSD in the OQO Model 02, I can attest that the 13 gb of free disk space can get a bit confining. Although, for mobility purposes, it has suited me just great and I highly recommend SSD over HDD any day of the week if your budget can accommodate it.


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