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7 Great Surface Pro 4 Cases, Sleeves and Shells



It’s hard to find anyone that actually enjoys putting svelte, attractive looking devices in cases. Cases are the byproduct of our obsession with getting things that are thin and light. Owners of Microsoft’s latest productivity and entertainment tablet probably don’t want to even think about Surface Pro 4 cases and covers, but it’s important that they do. The Surface Pro 4 really does need protection.

Surface Pro 4 cases and sleeves are necessary because the device is thinner than any Surface Pro that came before it. In 2015 Microsoft said that it was able to deliver a thin profile by combining parts within the device’s display. It also confirmed, but didn’t highlight its decision to make the glass on the Surface Pro 4’s display thinner than it was on previous generations. Add in a magnesium case that some say scratches too easily, and you have a perfect reason to look into a Surface Pro 4 case or other protective accessory.

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Here are 8 Surface Pro 4 cases, sleeves and bags with great reviews that are perfect for any owner of the Windows 2-in-1 who is simply trying to protect their investment.

Toast Surface Pro 4 Real Wood Skin


The oddest in all the items in our Surface Pro 4 case round-up, the Toast Surface Pro 4 Real Wood Cover is for people who really don’t want protection from drops, but do want to make sure that the Surface Pro 4’s silky smooth silver skin doesn’t become a scratched up mess.

The $49 kits come in four different finishes so that users can add some character to their device. The skins aren’t recreations of wood that’s been printed on stickers. They are real wood. There are options for engraving text or slicing out the Microsoft logo on the Surface Pro 4’s kickstand.

[ Buy the Toast Surface Pro 4 Real Wood Cover ]

XCase for Surface Pro 4


We all like to think that we’re elite users with very high-end needs, but that isn’t exactly true. Our days are hectic, but they’re nothing compared to the lives of construction workers, first responders and warehouse managers. Dozens of different people manhandle devices in these organizations every day. They need their devices at the ready all the time.

That’s where the XCase for Surface Pro 4 comes in. The XCase for Surface Pro 4 has a rubber case, within a plastic shell that fits over top of it. Hardened edges jut out at the case’s four corners. Devices with the XCase on can withstand drops of 48-inches on concrete. Loop attachments for the Surface Pro 4 case, an easel stand and more are all options.


The XCase for Surface Pro 4 comes in two configurations. With the basic configuration, users get the case for $89.99. The $124.95 premium model packs a hand strap, a briefcase handle and an easel accessory that’ll replicate the experience of the Surface Pro 4’s kickstand, which this case doesn’t allow users to extend.

Buy the Rugged Surface Pro 4 Case from MobileDemand ]

Feather Advanced for Surface Pro 4


We all want to protect our devices. What keeps us from doing so is bulk and heft. No one wants to turn a thin, sophisticated-looking tablet into a brightly colored, humongous brick.

The Feather Advanced for Surface Pro 4 comes in some bright colors, but it’s not as thick and heavy as some other Surface Pro 4 covers and cases can be. It’s still a hard shell case, but the rear is lined with what Incipio describes as “vegan leather.” It’s only $44.99. The case still lets users store their Surface Pen and use the Surface Pro 4’s kickstand.

[ Buy the Feather Advanced Slim Case for Surface Pro 4 from Incipio ]

Dbrand Surface Pro 4 Skin

Dbrand Surface Pro 4 Skin

Dbrand skins have earned a reputation. They’re easier than most to apply, and the online configuration tool the company offers make it pretty simply to mix and match different styles and patterns. The Dbrand Surface Pro 4 Skin tool lets you decide how the edges, upper back, kickstand and the Microsoft logo will look on your Surface Pro 4.

You can buy in pieces for as little as $8.95 , or together for around $30.

[ Buy a Dbrand Surface Pro 4 Skin ]

Brenthaven BX2 Edge for Surface Pro 4


Made for those that want complete protection, but don’t want to completely cover the design of their device, there’s the Brenthaven BX2 Edge for Surface Pro 4.

The Surface Pro 4 fits into the case like a glove. In fact, it’s as snug as a glove inside, the case is lined with foam to keep user’s device in  place. The rubberized edges of the case stick out, insuring that if there is a drop, the device will survive. Smartly, Brenthaven didn’t ruin two of the Surface’s best features with its case. The Surface Pro 4’s kickstand can still be repositioned. The case also holds the Surface Pen in the same place it magnetically snaps to when not in a case.

The Brenthaven BX2 Edge for Surface Pro 4 costs $69.99.

[ Buy the Brenthaven BX3 Edge for Surface Pro 4 from the Microsoft Store ]

UAG Composite for Surface Pro 4

urban armor gear

Urban Armor Gear doesn’t take its name lightly. The company creates high-end cases for people who need to make sure they won’t end up with a scratch or a broken screen. The $69.95 UAG Compose Surface Pro 4 Case is beefy. It can also take a beating.

The case comes in three different colors, all to match the Surface Pro 4’s keyboard covers. It has a soft inside to keep the device in place, but an Aluminum shell to protect it from anything the average user can throw at it. Urban Armor Gear says that the case meets Military drop standards.

The UAG Composite Surface Pro 4 doesn’t let users flip out the device’s kickstand. Instead, it has its own built-in, with five different angles.

[ Buy the UAG Composite Surface Pro 4 Case from Amazon ]

Waterfield Surface Pro 4 Sleevecase


The best bag we can find made specifically to carry the Surface Pro 4 is the Waterfield Surface Pro 4 Sleevecase. It’s made specifically to fit the Surface Pro 4, with customization options that users can flip through if they want to personalize everything a bit more.

Options include exchanging the leather trim materials for nylon or canvas. The case even comes in two orientations, depending on which you prefer.

The Waterfield Bag Surface Pro 4 Sleevecase starts at $59.99.

[ Buy the Waterfield Surface Pro 4 Sleevecase ]

Incipio Roosevelt Folio for Surface Pro 4


For folks that like lightweight cases that they can quickly get rid of, there’s the Roosevelt Folio from Incipio. It’s really less of a case and more of a leather cover for your Surface Pro 4.

The outer surface of the Roosevelt Folio is made of a vegan leather material. It includes a Surface Pen holder of its own and a colored strap that fastens the case to the Surface Pro 4 when placed in a bag or left on a table around the house.

The Incipio Roosevelt Folio comes in four different colors and costs $39.99.

[ Buy the Roosevelt Folio for Surface Pro 4 from Incipio ]

Good luck with any Surface Pro 4 and any Surface Pro 4 case, shell or bag that you end up purchasing.



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  2. Alan

    02/28/2017 at 12:46 am

    Nice cases.

    Too bad they don’t make any that’ll hold a power supply, without being the size of a laptop bag.

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  10. debbie

    03/06/2017 at 9:38 pm

    hey! i’m Debbie and i bought my son one of these cases for school. he uses his everyday and it has protected his surface pro 4 . i really recommend the U.A.G composite one for style and protection. it is easy to clean and works real well.
    its affordable and works! if you like my reviews i will post more thanks! – Debbie

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