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7 Watch Dogs 2 Tips in Time for the Free Demo



In the world of Watch Dogs 2, players are asked to make the impossible happen routinely. Whether it’s breaking into FBI headquarters are stopping a rival hacking group that doesn’t have the same standards DedSec does, your Marques Holloway will do everything he can to inform the naive public about what corporations and government officials are doing in their name with their data. Our Watch Dogs 2 tips should help navigate the dangerous world of CtOS infested San Francisco, California.

Watch Dogs 2 didn’t exactly storm sales charts when it was first released this past November. Now the company is back with a three-hour free Watch Dogs 2 demo. It hopes that this taste of the game will convince gamers that didn’t get the chance to try the open-world hacking title to do so. Besides precious gaming time, those that download the free trial to their Xbox One or PS4 aren’t risking anything. It helps that Watch Dogs 2 seems to have been caught up in a swirl of competing titles that merely overshadowed it. By no means is the game terrible, or broken.


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Here are some Watch Dogs 2 tips for anyone playing that free Watch Dogs 2 demo and those that have finally found the time to dive into the game will appreciate.

Watch Dogs 2 Tips: Be Stealthy & Stay in Cover

Watch Dogs 2’s missions are essentially designed as giant sandboxes. Through upgrades purchased from the DedSec app and weapons crafted from the 3D printer back at your hide out, you create the kind of character that fits your play style. Some players are all for destruction and killing as many enemies as they must.


All that death and destruction requires you to be quick on keeping enemies from calling in reinforcements and be an expert at escaping from authorities unharmed. If that doesn’t sound like you, start looking through the DedSec app upgrades and pick up abilities that allow you to be a stealthier hacker. These can be upgrades that trick the authorities into responding to bogus calls, or upgrades for your rover that allows it to do most of the work for you.

The best results don’t even require you to upgrade. The world of Watch Dogs 2 is filled with cameras. Tap into them, then use them to explode consoles and take down enemies while you’re safely in hiding.

Watch Dogs 2 Tips: Add Wealth Detection to the Profiler App

As you could in the first Watch Dogs, you can enhance the profiler app on your in-game phone to point out who amongst you in a crowd has the most wealth. It’s very helpful early on, when cash is hard to come by. Note that you can also get some cash through the UPlay Rewards Program featured on the game’s menu.


Watch Dogs 2 Tips: Use Hacker Vision

Don’t be afraid to use your hacker vision. With it, you get a visualization of what enemies are where and what resources you have at your disposal to take them out stealthy. You also get a breakdown of which enemies can call for back up.

In short, Hacker Vision lets you make smarter strategic decisions faster.

Watch Dogs 2 Tips: As Soon as You Can, Get the Drone

The only way to get character upgrades in Watch Dogs 2 is to purchase them, either with cash looted from characters in the game or with experience that you get for completing tasks. That sounds simple enough, but the game also likes to make puzzles out of getting these power-ups. Key Data is needed to unlock some of them, which means you end up trying to figure out how to reach the top of a building or a ledge that has no obvious way to get there.

You can skip at least some of this platforming by saving up your cash and purchasing an in-game drone. The drone lets you stay away from most of the action during combat, plus survey areas for ways to reach power-ups easily.

Watch Dogs 2: Even Cars Are a Weapon

watch dogs 2 multiplayer

If you’ve got enemies clustering around cars, trucks and vans, don’t hesitate to turn the nearest car into a projectile and hit them with one. You can do so with your phone.

Watch Dogs 2 Tips: Hack with the Drone

Hacking, that is the actual act of overriding a complicated communications system or portion of CtOS, no longer happens in a drab black environment. Instead, nodes and switches are laid out across entire buildings and environments. This means that you’ll find yourself physically having to move Marcus when doing some of the most complicated hacks. There’s a way around that though.


Once you’ve purchased the drone, you can use it to handle the complicated hacks. In situations where time is a concern, moving around the drone to do the leg work from above instead of Marcus is a great idea.

Watch Dogs 2 Tips: Stun for Quiet, Kill for Finality

So, you’ve been caught lurking somewhere that you shouldn’t be. Before you panic and start running, take cover and stand your ground. If you’re hoping to slowly sneak away and not attract any more authorities or security, break out your Taser. If multiple guards have found your position, it’s time to get your gun ready.

Note that when you stun someone, they can be wake eventually. If your situation is particularly dire, shoot to kill. Then attempt to disappear.

Good luck with your new copy of Watch Dogs 2 or the free Watch Dogs 2 demo.

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