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8 Apple Watch Apps We’d Love to See



There are a ton of apps available for the Apple Watch, but there are also a surprisingly large number of Apple Watch apps that don’t exist yet. Here are eight Apple Watch apps we’d love to see in the near future.

The Apple Watch has been out for well over six months now, and while it may now seem like an aging device in technology years, it’s actually still a fairly new wearable, especially considering that it received its first major software update just a couple of months ago.

Plus, more and more Apple Watch apps are releasing, and while the stream of new apps isn’t as flowing as it was when the Apple Watch first came out, we’re still seeing more and more apps release for Apple’s new smartwatch.

There are a lot of awesome apps available on the Apple Watch right now, like Evernote, Shazam, Tweetbot, Google Maps, Starbucks, etc. You can even use your Apple Watch to pay for goods at the store using Apple Pay, which is really convenient.

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However, there are still a handful of popular iPhone apps that don’t yet have an accompanying Apple Watch app, especially apps that would seriously benefit from being available on your wrist.

Here are eight Apple Watch apps that we’d love to see come to Apple’s new wearable.



It's possible that majority of time that people use the Facebook app, they're simply scrolling through their timeline to see what everyone is up to, and it would be great to be able to do that right on the Apple Watch.

With a Facebook Apple Watch app, users could easily scroll through their News Feed using the Digital Crown, and you could even use voice dictation to post a quick status update.

Obviously, there would be some limitations, but you could at least be able to do that basics on the device without much trouble or hassle.

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1 Comment

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