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8 Best Surface Pro 3 Cases & Sleeves



There’s no denying that Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 2-in-1 is an impressive device. It continues to make the Windows devices of Microsoft’s partners look like drab knock-offs. It’s super thin, reasonably light for its screen size and possibly the most attractive thing Microsoft has ever designed. It looks like a tablet, but handles programs like a full-blown Windows PC. The Surface Pro 3 only has a single thing going against it where hardware is concerned.

As impressive as the Surface Pro 3 looks, it’s not very durable. Older Surface Pro devices made by Microsoft were solid black, with a cold metal paint job that sometimes flaked. For this device, Microsoft opted to ditch the paint and go with silver. The device looks amazing, but even one that’s a few months old can start to show some wear if you don’t have it in a case.

The Surface Pro 3

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Take it from someone who owns a rough looking Surface Pro 3, you’re going to need a case or sleeve. Here are 8 great Surface Pro 3 cases and sleeves to protect your investment. Each is built specifically for Microsoft’s flagship Windows 2-in-1. Included with each is a run down of its features and how you can easily order it from your home for delivery.

Urban Armor Gear Case for Surface Pro 3

Urban Armor Gear Case for Surface Pro 3

 Urban Armor made a name for itself by building nearly indestructible cases for our delicate devices. The Under Armor Gear Case for the Surface Pro 3 doesn't have a single characteristic that would hurt that reputation. It's built to keep your Surface Pro 3 very, very safe.

Able to meet military drop-test standards, Urban Armor for the Surface Pro 3 is made of composite materials and has a aluminum 5 position kickstand. A ribbed shell rear shell provides all the design flair users need. There are cutouts for connecting the Surface Pro 3's different USB port, which is a nice touch. There's also an air vent since the Surface Pro 3 has a fan.

Unfortunately, it's not perfect since it forces use you use that positionable kickstand instead of the freely adjustable kickstand that's built into your device. Also, all of this protection will get in the way of your Surface Pro 3 fitting into its dock if you have one.

The Urban Armor Gear Case for Surface Pro 3 costs $69.95 from Amazon.

Buy now from Amazon for $69.99

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