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$8 Solution to Broken MacBook Chargers is Brilliant



The Macbook Pro Retina and MacBook Air are machined and designed to last, but the MagSafe and MagSafe 2 Macbook chargers that come with them are prone to breaking after months of use. Most often this break comes where the smaller cord connects to the charging block, as it cannot stand up to the abuse of thousands of wraps and careless carrying in bags.

Now a new $8 Macbook charger accessory aims to fix this problem by provided added protection to the most common part of the MacBook Charger to break. This solution looks much nicer and robust than wrapping the MacBook Charger in electrical tape and hoping for the best.

Lately we’ve avoided pointing out Kickstarter projects because we’ve all been burned by a project we backed, wasting up to $150 in some cases on products that didn’t work at all. Today, we’re making an exception to call out this great looking product that at least one team member is already backing.

Protect your MacBook Pro power cable with this $8 accessory.

Protect your MacBook Pro power cable with this $8 accessory.

Python Cords is a a silicone tube that slides on to the Macbook charger, right over a MagSafe or MagSafe 2 charger end and adds support to the cord. This spreads the pressure and abuse out over a longer distance, which should prevent many MacBook charger problems.

The small piece of kit is just $8 on KickStarter, which is reasonable for something that could save you from spending $80 on a new MacBook charger. The only downside is Python Cords won’t start shipping until January, but that’s a small amount of time to wait for something that could save you $80 and the frustration of finding a new power cable at the worst possible time.

This solution includes a cord cover and a fastener that slips on and then fastens in to place. According to the page, users can remove it easily if need be, for sending a MacBook back to Apple for service.

Users looking for a cost-free solution can try wrapping their MacBook charger with a small loop in it to prevent the stress of a sideways wrap right on the joint, but this solution should offer added protection.

KickStarter is not a store, so you are backing this project and getting a reward for doing so. If for some reason the project fails you may lose your $8, so read the risks portion of the page. In this case it appears the creator is prepared to take this to manufacturing.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. ano

    02/25/2014 at 7:42 am

    Use SUGRU, it’s 10 times better and more flexible. cheers

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