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“How Ultra-Mobile PC’s could Revolutionize Support Operations”



Adam Blankenship is thinking about the future of Ultra-Mobile PC’s. He’s also thinking about the future of how his company could be affected by the use of a UMPC. I like his thinking. This is an example where people are thinking about how this device could be used for more than just an entertainment and personal consumer device.

“I was working up a PowerPoint on how my company could benefit by deploying UMPCs to it’s support engineers and thought I would share it with the community here. I outline some specific uses as well as a step by step example of how a engineer’s first few hours on any given day might be enhanced by the use of a UMPC. Let me know what you think.”

Adam did this Powerpoint presentation to use as an intro tool in his organization. Since there is no real data to support some of his assumptions on productivity, etc,, there are some wait and see points here for me personally. However, I applaud the forward thinking, and hope his company takes him seriously. Keep us up top date Adam!

Here is a link to his Powerpoint Presentation


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