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“Official” Samsung Q1 release information …


on is reporting some more detail on the official launch of the Samsung Q1. Apparently a forum member (Maverick) made some calls to get the scoop. Here what what they had to say:

“After the news came out that the Samsung Q1 would be released in Korea on May 1st there was a lot of news around the internet saying that date was a worldwide release. Well Maverick just made a post on our forums here stating that after calling Samsung they confirmed that the device will not be available in the US or the UK until the first week of June. This adds onto another post Maverick posted earlier about the device possibly having two released versions, the first ones without GPS/DMB support and another release in July with these options. Great to get some a little better release date info about this device, so thanks Maverick for doing some calling”.

Read the actual post here.

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