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“Origami Revealed – First Take Analysis”



I picked this really great analysis up from this post in Loren Heiny’s blog this morning. Michael Gartenberg with Jupiter Research states that he has had an Ultra-Mobile PC for a “bit”, and offers some very insightful comments on where this device is going to enter the market. Very nice summation in my book. We have known of the existence of this device since last fall, so have had more time to digest the possibilites, but understand that people are still just getting all the facts on where Ultra-Mobile PC is positioned. I just thought Michael did a great job of summarizing:

“First, Origami is different from all the tiny little Windows machines that have come before it. It’s different from the Sony U series, it’s different than the Libretto and it’s different from an OQO. Those machines, while wildly popular with the Japanese mainstream and US geek markets have never taken off in a big way. One reason is that taking Windows and shrinking it down to size doesn’t make it more usable, in fact less so. Add in the fact that making smaller machines means making computers that cost more and in the US, we pay a premium for large sizes not smaller less functional ones. Origami gets over these issues in two ways. First, by focusing on touch and creating a new way of interacting and entering information, Origami gets over the issue of tiny keyboards. Second, Origami introduces a new paradigm for UI. Much like there were PCs with TV tuners long before MCE, the power of MCE was really the 10 foot UI. The power of Origami is really in the 10″ UI. Finally, by focusing on what could be delivered in today’s technology sweet spot, Origami doesn’t come in at the $2,000 price point, a major difference in terms of who can afford these machines and those prices will only go down.”

Well stated Michael. For those who are insisting that this is just a “small Tablet PC”, this explains it all nicely. Great read.

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