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9 Essential Cydia Apps (Video)



There are plenty of great Cydia apps and Cydia themes, but there are only a handful that I use on a regular basis.

With the evasi0n iOS 6.1 jailbreak tool out the iPhone is now able to run all kinds of Cydia apps and I am able to run a Cydia theme to make the iPhone 5 look nicer, but running too many apps or tweaks can lead to instability.

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The following 9 Cydia apps and the ayecon Cydia theme are the ones I use on my iPhone 5 every day. These essential Cydia apps allow me to do more on my iPhone 5, put more information where I want it and get rid of several annoyances in iOS 6.1.

Essential Cydia Apps Video


Auxo is a new switcher for iOS 6 that offers card like app previews, an enhanced music control page, widgets to quickly toggle phone functions and a brightness slider, all just a quick double tap away. Auxo is $2.99 and well worth it for anyone with a jailbroken iPhone.


F.lux is an incredibly handy app that changes the screen temperature as sunset arrives, toning down the brightness and harshness of the iPhone’s display. This subtle change makes it easier on your eyes and body when using the iPhone right before bed, and should prevent a glaring iPhone screen from keeping you up late.


Forecast is a simple Cydia app that puts the weather widget on the iPhone lock screen. The lock screen widget comes complete with a small clock and the weather and a swipe reveals the week’s forecast. The app plays well with notifications and with lock screen music controls.


I still use a few apps that aren’t updated for the 4-inch iPhone 5 display, and with FullForce I can use those apps in full screen mode. This Cydia tweak is great for apps where I do a lot of typing, because without it I often miss the bottom row of keys or space bar.

Essential Cydia Apps - iOS 6.1 Jailbreak Apps

Some of my essential Cydia apps for iOS 6.1 and the iPhone 5.

Low Power Banner

Low Power Banner takes the annoying pop up low battery notification and turns it into a banner notification. The Cydia app offers options to change notification settings too. A small app, but one of my favorites.


Nitrous lets other iPhone apps use the Nitro Javascript engine normally reserved for Safari. This makes browsing the web in Chrome or in apps like Alien Blue for Reddit faster. Another essential Cydia app for anyone who uses these apps.

Springtomize 2

Springtomize 2 offers so many tweaks in one place it’s impossible to list them all here. I use it to allow for a five icon dock and slightly smaller icons in my dock, but it also allows users to put more icons on each homescreen. The app also offers carrier name changes and many, many other tweaks.

Winterboard With Ayecon

Best Cydia Themes - iOS 6 Winterboard Themes - ayecon

ayecon Cydia Theme for iOS 6.

Winterboard is a theming app that makes applying Cydia themes as simple as tapping and respringing the iPhone. I’ve tested many themes, but I use ayecon on a daily basis.

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Ayecon, pronounced icon, is a premium Cydia theme that is compatible with the iPhone 5 and with iOS 6.1. It comes complete with over 100 icons that automatically apply to common apps and visual changes that deliver a great looking experience.


Zephyr is a great Cydia app that lets users control the iPhone or iPad with gestures. Swipe up to reveal the app switcher, or in my case Auxo, without pressing the home button. Zephyr also allows switching apps with a left or right swipe from the edge of the display.

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  1. Adam Daieh

    02/15/2013 at 10:48 am

    Just recently jailbreak my iphone 5 using this and I’m looking for a great app and tweak to use. I’m gonna check out.

  2. Robert Cart

    02/15/2013 at 3:23 pm

    For a great app to share video with your jailbroken phone, try

  3. mohd akbar

    02/16/2013 at 12:12 am

    I like Forecast app it is great, am very excited to download this app to my iPhone. Thanks.

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