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9 Exciting iPad Air 2 Details Leak



The iPad Air 2 release may be weeks away as rumors focus on a new Apple Event on October 16th where rumors point to a new iPad Air, iPad mini 3, Retina iMac, OS X Yosemite release and more. A new report outlines key iPad Air 2 details that buyers will certainly want to know about.

Apple announced the iPad Air almost a year ago, and the iPad Air 2 name may not be final, but it’s certainly the nickname used for this new iPad in 2014.

These exciting iPad Air 2 details come from two people who saw detailed iPad Air 2 photos and illustrations from sources at Apple. Although the report does not include any photos the publication states that it was able to verify the specs and designs independently and that Apple is already producing the new iPad Air.

Here's what you need to know about the new iPad Air.

Here’s what you need to know about the new iPad Air.

Here is everything you want to know about the iPad Air 2 release, specs and features, all in one massive leak. The Apple event may take place in less than a week, which makes this leak quite likely the real deal.

The Michael Report shares this massive iPad Air 2 leak. The comparison photos are from

iPad Air 2 Display

Apple will stick with the same Retina resolution as on the iPad Air, but a new fully-laminated display will help Apple deliver a thinner iPad Air 2 and potentially a better looking display. 

This fully-laminated display is the result of making the Retina display and the glass cover at the same time and the report indicates that along with better manufacturing users will see a better display.

iPad Air 2 Design

Overall the iPad Air 2 will look much like the iPad Air including the large bezels on the front of the device. Thanks to the new displays the iPad will be up to half a millimeter thinner than the iPad Air according to this report. That would make it 7mm thick, thinner than the iPhone 6 Plus.

The iPad Air 2 may be thinner than the iPad Air.

The iPad Air 2 may be thinner than the iPad Air.

Other changes include a new speaker grill that looks more like the new iPhones with a single row of openings, no more mute switch, slightly indented volume controls and relocated microphones.

Gold iPad Air 2

The report claims Apple will finally release a gold iPad this year. BloomBerg also backs this new color option for the iPad Air 2 release.

This would result in three color options for the new iPad Air, matching the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but still short of the iPod touch color options.

iPad Air 2 Cameras

Expect to see better looking iPad photos thanks to upgraded iPad Air 2 cameras on the front and back of the new iPad. On the front you can expect an improved FaceTime HD camera.

The iPad Air 2 cameras may be much better.

The iPad Air 2 camerasshoudl deliver better photos.

The bigger upgrade is to the iPad Air 2 rear facing camera which may jump to 8MP from the current 5MP. This should help iPad users take clearer photos with more detail faster than before. This is an important feature for many iPad users that rely on the iPad as a go-to camera.

iPad Air 2 Specs

Here’s a quick look at the possible iPad Air 2 specs according to this report, which line up with many other rumors.

  • Apple A8 Processor
  • 2GB RAM
  • 32/64/128GB storage options
  • FaceTime HD camera
  • 8MP camera
  • 7mm thick
  • Touch ID
  • NFC

The iPad Air 2 specs alone don’t make the device, but will enable new features.

iPad Air 2 Storage

Apple changed the iPhone 6 storage options and it looks like a similar change is planned for the new iPad. Buyers may soon see  32GB, 64GB and 128GB iPad Air 2 storage options.

This would chop the 16GB option off and will not likely include a higher base price. The iPad mini 3 may still include a 16GB option.

iPad Air 2 Touch ID

Apple is finally ready to add Touch ID to the iPad Air 2. This will let users login to the iPad Air with a fingerprint instead of a passcode.

iPad Air 2 vs iPad Air - Touch ID

The iPad Air 2 may feature Touch ID.

This was rumored for last year, but multiple reports outline support for Touch ID on the iPad Air 2, including iOS 8.1 code. Touch ID on the iPad adds support for another feature as well.

iPad Air 2 Apple Pay

The iPad Air 2 will also support Apple Pay according to this report. If true that means NFC inside the iPad Air 2 and the ability to use it instead of a credit card at retailers.

Although not as easy to use as an iPhone 6, this could be interesting for users that don’t own an iPhone. Apple may not announce this feature at the event.

iPad Air 2 Battery Life

A more efficient Apple A8 processor should help deliver longer iPad Air 2 battery life. The report doesn’t outline the exact increase in battery life, so it’s tough to say what you can expect so far.

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1 Comment

  1. Nak Nk

    10/08/2014 at 2:41 pm

    Not a big change, iPad Air 2 is almost the same as its earlier model, here are all the images and specs of iPad Air 2

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