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9 Exciting iPhone 6 Rivals



In just a few short weeks, Apple is expected to unveil its new iPhone release, a device that is currently dubbed iPhone 6. With the iPhone 6 release date rumored for September, we want to take a look at some of the top iPhone 6 rivals, both real and rumored. These are the devices that we think consumers need to have their eye on as we move forward toward the fall.

Over the past seven months, we’ve heard quite a bit about Apple’s 2014 iPhone release. The device, currently dubbed iPhone 6, is expected to feature some significant upgrades over the iPhone 5s, all in an effort to compete with the top Android and Windows Phone devices on the market.

iPhone 6 rumors suggest that it will come with a new thin redesign, comprised of metal and Sapphire for added protection, a new A8 processor with M8 co-processor for better performance and battery life, a new camera with image stabilization technology, and two larger screen sizes that are said to measure 4.7-inches and 5.5-inches and come with higher resolution.

New iPhone release date rumors put the device’s arrival firmly inside of the fall alongside the company’s iOS 8 update. iOS 8, which is currently in the company’s beta program, is slated to be released sometime this fall with a mid-September arrival now looking likely. iPhone 6 rumors have put forth a September release with September 19th mentioned as a possibility.

With the iPhone 6 coming up, consumers are starting to do their research. Part of that research requires them to take a look at the current crop of smartphones and rumored smartphones to single out iPhone 6 rivals. Unfortunately, narrowing those devices down isn’t going to be easy for those that don’t keep tabs on the industry. That’s why we’re here to do the heavy lifting for you.

Here, we take a look at the top nine most exiting iPhone 6 rivals, devices that we think pose the biggest threat to the iPhone 6, and devices that we think consumers need to keep an eye on moving forward.

iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s

The iPhone 6 is clearly on its way to replace the iPhone 5s but that doesn't mean that the iPhone 5s is simply going to fade into darkness. No, there is a good chance that Apple will keep the iPhone 5s around and if it does, it will almost certainly be put on shelves with a cheaper price tag.

Apple's current iPhone lineup has the iPhone 5s at $199.99, iPhone 5c at $99 and iPhone 4s for free on-contract. It's not clear how the iPhone 6 will fit in though rumors suggest we could see the 5.5-inch model slot in at $299.99 with the smaller iPhone 6 at the iPhone 5s' price point.

Whatever the case, the iPhone 5s will almost certainly drop in price making it a legitimate iPhone 6 rival. Its hardware is still solid, its getting iOS 8 and more, and it remains one of the best smartphones on the market nearly a year after its release.



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  2. Elli

    07/30/2014 at 10:07 am

    The biggest rival is Galaxy S5 with features like water resistant body, touch wiz finger print scanner, heart rate sensor, and 16MP camera and 2800mAh battery with power saving mode that once fully charged on qi wireless charger, runs all day long. But wait iPhone 6 also confirmed to be launched with large Sapphire display with higher resolution. It seems to be really tough competition between two biggest rivals.

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