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11 Amazing 90’s Movies Leaving Netflix in March



“What’s new on Netflix in March?” A huge lack of great 90’s movies that anyone who grew up in the 1990’s mill surely miss as Netflix cuts some of the best 90’s movies from online streaming and plans to pull 90’s cartoons from Cartoon Network soon after.

Here are 11 Amazing 90’s movies that you need to watch this week before Netflix pulls the plug and you are left without instant access to funny and outright hilarious comedies, action movies and dramas.

Netflix routinely drops movies each month, and there are new Netflix movies for March, but they don’t come close to replacing these amazing 90’s movies that leave Netflix in March.

Great 90's movies leaving Netflix in March leave a big hole.

Great 90’s movies leaving Netflix in March leave a big hole.

There is no way to save Netflix movies to watch later. Once the movie is pulled from the library you can’t watch it any more, so if you love these 90’s movies you need to bunker down to binge on 90’s comedy, action and more.

Thankfully House of Cards Season 3 arrives on Netflix February 27th, so there is something big, new and exciting to watch right as these leave.

90’s Movies Leaving Netflix in March

Some of these 90’s movies leaving Netflix in March may not carry the highest ratings and reviews, but if you grew up in the 90’s you can’t let these greats slip away without one last viewing on Netflix. All but one of these great 90’s movies leave Netflix on Sunday March 1st. The Muppet Treasure Island is around for a little longer, leaving Netflix on March 15th.

  1. Cool Runnings
  2. Dumb and Dumber
  3. Robin Hood: Men in Tights
  4. Arachnophobia
  5. Anaconda
  6. RoboCop 2
  7. Desperado
  8. Seven
  9. The Baby Sitters Club
  10. Muppet Treasure Island
  11. The Blair With Project

Netflix also chops some great movies that in the minds of 90’s kids are just as good as coming out in the 90’s. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids leaves on March 1st and so does Saving Silverman.

Cartoons Leaving Netflix in March


At the end of March a lot of cartoons are leaving Netflix, specifically from Cartoon Network. Not all of these cartoons are from the 90’s but Dexter;s Laboratory and Johnny Bravo are sure to ring a bell for many viewers. These are all leaving Netflix on March 31st.

  • Adventure Time (Seasons 1-4)
  • Cow and Chicken (Season 2)
  • Dexter’s Laboratory (Season 3-4)
  • Ed, Edd ‘n’ Eddy (Season 3-4)
  • Johnny Bravo (Season 2)
  • Regular Show (Season 1-4)
  • Robot Chicken (Season 1-2)
  • Samurai Jack (Season 2)
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy (Season 3-4)

New on Netflix March 2015

For all the great 90’s movies leaving, we aren’t left empty-handed. New Netflix movies for March include comedy specials, Netflix originals that subscribers will certainly want to watch.

On March 6th Netflix adds;

  • Aziz Ansari Live at Madison Square Garden (2015) – Netflix Original
  • My Own Man (2014) – Netflix Original
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – Netflix Original

Other new Netflix movies for March include How to Train Your Dragon 2 on March 11th, God’s Note Dead on March 20th, November Man on March 23rd and there are a number of new TV shows on Netflix in March. These include some Netflix originals and classics that many of us watched well before the DVR.

  • Archer: Season 5 (3/7)
  • Glee: Season 5 (3/7)
  • 3rd Rock From the Sun: Complete Series (3/15)
  • A Different World: Complete Series (3/15)
  • Bloodline: Season 1 – Netflix Original (3/20)
  • Trailer Park Boys: Season 9 – Netflix Original (3/27)

There are some great new TV shows on Netflix in March, but for many users there is a lot of watching to do before March 1st arrives.


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