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CES 2013: Las Vegas

At CES 2013 we saw hundreds of new gadgets and accessories during our week in Las Vegas from Ultrabooks and Ultrabook Convertibles to waterproof phones and a new generation of mobile gaming based on Android.

While manufacturers like Samsung and Motorola are holding their major smartphone announcements for later in the year at special events, we were able to take a look at exciting new technology that could show up in the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 and a possible screen and processor for the Galaxy S4.

To skip to the absolute best, check out our Best of CES 2013 awards.

The awards go on, including a waterproof iPhone 5 case with a warranty, a portable power solution that lets you keep your smartphone running for two weeks without an outlet and a better way for DIY home automation.

At CES 2013 big screen tablets were a major presence. We saw the 217-inch ThinkCenter Horizon, shown below. This all-in-one computer is a desktop computer that also folds flat to deliver a table top tablet experience that lets users play games on the screen.



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