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Quick post:  Nice little blog entry about a Physicist adapting to a Tablet PC.  I love it when people find good ways to use technology:

“Almost every researcher uses one in some form or another. For some it is a bunch of folders arranged by topic stuffed with paper. For others it is one large bound graphic notebook, filled one after the other (I’ve seen senior people’s offices with row after row of these things). The best description I’ve heard of them is a work diary.  I stopped using paper about 10 years ago. I used those large bound graphic notebooks. There was something sublime about how a new, fresh, page felt – and the way a good pen glided over the paper. Lots of us, btw, are pen fanatics. But about 10 years ago I started traveling regularly for my job. I kept one of those lab notebooks for each major topic I was working on. Sometimes that would mean lugging 4 or 5 of them back and forth. There was nothing sublime about that! …

… About 3 years ago the Tablet PC showed up. Finally, something on the right track. BTW, it didn’t (and doesn’t) have to be a Tablet PC. The important bit is you can write on it and you can see what you are writing on. That is, a graphic input pad won’t do. By and in-large, it has been successful. The hardware is certainly up to the task. As usual, the software is lagging: the market for lab notebook emulation software is small. A friend of mine uses EverNote to record his work. I’ve been using OneNote….”

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