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A decision on forums



Despite the majority vote telling us to do it (68% in favor), Dennis and I have decided to hold off on discussion forums at this point. Several reasons factored in to our decision.

1) The time to do it well will take us away from what we are really enjoying right now: video reviews, InkShows, and news commentary. Those are the things you enjoy receiving from us and we want to concentrate on delivering that to you.

2) We sought out opinions from significant players in the community and the advice we were given indicated we should wait a while.

We are not ruling out forums for the future and given the right circumstances in the community, we would love to add them as a significant part of the website. We think we could do an excellent job there. The timing just isn’t right yet. Dennis and I really appreciate the thoughtful comments you provided and taking the time to vote.

BTW: if you like the polling feature, we might continue to keep that in place. I love polls!

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