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A Few More Xobni Invites



imageSeems like everybody has been playing around with Xobni lately and for good reason – it’s and interesting tool to add to Outlook.

I have five – but let’s try and help everybody else out too – You don’t HAVE to, but it sure would be great if we could help out the GBM community…  Why??  Well, because when Rob put up his 10 invites, there were 60+ comments…  that’s a lot of comments for 10 invites…

I will put up my 5 – then – people who get those 5 invites, it would be great if you head over to this thread and share just a couple of them.  If each person does that, then everybody can get one!  Follow the lead of ascalon and everybody can enjoy – even if it’s just one or 2 of your invites.

First Five to post here start (or kill) the sharing frenzy!!  NOTE – make sure and leave your email address in blank on the form – if in the right place, nobody will see it but the GBM staff.

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