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A Flash Based Rugged Tablet PC?



BarcodingcoukThis sounds interesting, and I wish I had more information to relay. is launching a new rugged Tablet PC, the JTL 8404, that has an option for either flash or hard drive storage. The flash option is an 8GB drive. manufactures industrial-grade handheld computers and barcoding solutions and the JTL 8403/04 sounds like an interesting device as positioned. I picked this up from, a web publication that focuses on GPS solutions and they make an interesting case for the smaller size flash drives:

With optional 3G and GPRS mobile communications, the JLT 8404 is ideally suited as a remote field PC that can interchange data in real time with central systems.  With data held centrally rather than on the device, a large hard drive is not required and flash storage option offers plenty of capacity. 


They also offer options for in-vehicle applications.




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