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A huge welcome to Warner

Well, Dennis led it off with the “Mystery” video, and what a great video that was.

I have to tell you, I am soooo pumped about Warner joining us. When Dennis and I first started talking about bringing someone else on board, there was only one name that kept coming up – Warner Crocker. I am very serious about that – one name. Even when Dennis and I were talking about starting GBM, Warner’s name was always on our mind about someone who could really help round us out. Warner has a very infectous personality ( and laugh ) and is one creative guy. Plus, he really, really knows his tablet pc stuff. He’s going to add so much to what we are doing on GBM. I can’t imagine a better fit. Take a moment to read Warner’s bio – you’ll be impressed.

Between the three of us, I think you can count on a well rounded dish of news, features, and premium content all geared around tablet pcs, mobile pcs, and helping you get the most out of Going Mobile.


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