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A M400 Tablet PC, Windows Vista and Tax Time



A lot of you know we’ve been running Windows Vista on our Tablet PC’s for a while at, and running programs on them can sometimes be a chore. 

I have all the W-2’s needed for filing taxes this year so we planned to buy TurboTax again this year like we did last.  We bought it today while we were out running around.  Later in the afternoon, I started to wonder if it was going to install on my M400 running Vista or not…  While sitting at dinner I picked up the box, you know, just to look at it – guess what I saw?? 

Windows: Vista (32) Home Basic, Home Premium, Ultimate, Business

I’m not sure about the rest of you, but this is the first program that I have seen on the box that says it will support Vista (You know, besides Office 2007 and the like) – right out of the box.  This sure will make doing my taxes this year easier, since I can do them right on my M400 Tablet PC running Vista!!  If there is anybody else out there getting ready to do taxes, and running Vista on your Tablet PC, rest assured that Turbo Tax will work!!

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