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A mascot with no name is a sad thing ….!



WhoamiBeing the up and coming awesome web site we are at (he says with great humility), we decided we could not exist any longer without an official mascot.  I searched long and hard (okay, at least a couple hours), and ran across a most appropriate match for our quest.  So here he is, our new mascot, and his name is ……., his name is….., uhhhh, his name is?????

He doesn’t have one.  GASP.  A mascot without a name, how tragic is that?  We batted around a couple of names on the GBM team, but ended up with names like Blue Guy, Mr. GBM, Rob’s little Buddy (yeah, right), etc.  How creative, huh?  So since the creative juices that exist on the GBM team do not seem to flow well into the task of naming a cool little mascot, we decided to turn to you, our readers and subscribers, and of course offer a little prize for doing so.

So what would you name this guy?  We need your help.  Here are a couple of things we would like to have considered in the process:

  • Mobile oriented (GottaBeMobile — get it?)
  • Somehow applied toward what we do in the site (tablets, UMPC’s, InkShows, etc.)
  • Catchier (is that a word?) than anyone elses mascot name!  Well, maybe that is asking a bit much, but it certainly needs to be unique!

GuybybikeNot a lot to go on, but hey, creative people don’t need that right?  So have a go at it and let us know what your idea is for this guy (seen at left getting ready to mount up and run around my desk on his blasted dirt bike again).  If we pick your name, we will send you your very own little blue mascot no name guy (personally autographed by Rob Bushway if requested), plus a $50 gift certificate to  We may even pick a couple of runner-ups to get their own guy — who knows!

Just so you are aware, the judging will be totally subjective by the 4 GBM team members (Dennis Rob, Warner and Matt).  We will pick the one we like — period.  If you win you win.  If you do not win, you do not win.  Any clarification needed on that should be unnecessary!  This contest WILL be open internationally by the way, so we expect lots of entries.

DO NOT respond to this post with your entry, please put it in the GBM forum we have setup here (which of course means you do have to be a forum member to enter).You may enter as often as you like, but we will stop taking entries no later than Friday evening, January 5th, at 9:00 P.M. e.s.t.

We’re looking forward to the entries.  There’s like 300 of these guys in my office, and I am tired of hearing them whine.  We can’t start giving them away until they have an identity!

By the way, 5 of these dudes are are prizes in another contest somewhere…., but you’ll have to go find them.  We will also be walking around at CES with a few in our bags if you may be interested.  If you see a GBM team member at CES, ask him for one and he’ll cough it up!


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