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A Mid-Term report on MIDs



MidsbancroftIf you’ve been anxious to see more about MIDs there are a couple of interesting posts to read and gander at today. First up, Josh Bancroft, who has been attending the IDF conference in China has posted a “world exclusive” that includes some pictures and a link to more on Flickr. Josh is promising some video of the Lenovo and Aigo MIDs soon and that will certainly be interesting to see.

Next up, is this report from Steve “Chippy” Paine on how MIDS are progressing including the news on some delays in the release schedule.

Some good reading and viewing on both counts. Wise to remember that when Intel began talking about the MID platform they were saying then what we would see this year is just a first step towards what they had planned for the not too distant future, meaning next year. I wouldn’t be suprised if planned releases for this year and next sort of get blurred along the way.

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