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A New Language – ‘Nerdic’



I must speak Nerdic because I know every one of these top 10 words… 

There are many time a day that I use some ‘Nerdic” words and don’t even think twice about them.  I try and explain things to my wife or talk to her about a new product and all I get is that blank looks on her face or just says ‘yep’ to get me to be quiet…  She doesn’t speak Nerdic so that at times causes a problem – she just wants me to get to the point when I talk about all this ‘tech’ stuff.

Experts claim about 100 new words are added to the language of technology, dubbed ‘Nerdic’, every year – three times the number of new words making it into the Oxford English Dictionary.

How many of you speak Nerdic?  Do you know what a RickRoll means? What about a mashup?  Might know what an iPhone is, but do you know what Android is referring to? Have a look over at Telegraph to see the Top 10 ‘Nerdic’ words and phrases for 2008.

We deal with this type of new technology lingo every day, but there are many people that still look at my computer and say – “What’s that” – “Tablet PC – Are those new??”.   Is ‘Tablet PC’ Nerdic??

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