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Well, I couldn’t resist any longer. Best Buy will delivery my Sony UX180P UMPC this afternoon. Yes, you caught that right — I called it a UMPC, because that is what it is. I group all of these small form factor devices into one category: UMPC

You won’t be seeing an Out of the Box video from me ( there are more than plenty of those to go around ), but what you can expect is content centered around usability, price vs features, WWAN via Edge, how it operates as a companion device vs only computer, how it runs with Vista with a focus on Tablet PC and Media Center, perspectives on how this might fit in to an enterprise, etc. And of course, I’ll do an InkShow or two on it.

I’ll post my first impressions of the UX180P over the next several days, but I’ll be concentrating on actually using it day in and day out over the next several weeks to offer the above perspectives.

So just a little something to look forward to.

As a precursor to my own thoughts, LisaG from has posted a great hands on review. This quote, in my opinion, lays out the differences in the Origami devices and the Sony UX180P:

The Sony is more of a speciality item, suited to early adopters, those who need serious computing ability most anywhere (and EDGE connectivity), and those who hate carrying 5 to 9 pound notebooks. It’s good for sales force automation, IT folks and consultants on the go. I seriously doubt that Sony thinks everyone will have one on the coffee table, which is what MS hopes for the UMPC.

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