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A Plethora Of OneNote 2007 Goodness



Taskrequest_meetingnotesDaniel Escapa is filling the pages of his blog with an amazing array of OneNote information, links to new PowerToys, and tips. If you’re are a OneNote junkie, you really need to check this out.

Looking to cut through the why’s and wherefore’s of using OneNote Shared Notebooks? Daniel links to the beginning of a series by David Rasmussen OneNote Shared Files and storage. You might want to keep this one handy.

Recently Daniel teased us with news of the release of some new OneNote Powertoys and it looks like they are starting to trickle out. The first two up include:

How about making your OneNote window transparent while you are taking notes? Daniel links to a couple of utilities that can help you do just that:

I’d love to see this feature added as a feature in OneNote.

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