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A Possible Fix For the “Sleep of Death” Syndrome



PowerMgmt_thumbThere is quite a bit of discussion going on regarding the issues with Sleep and Shutdown that I posted about yesterday. Check out the comment thread to see just how random this is, and just how many different scenarios users are experiencing and working around.

Craig Pringle has offered a tip that might help some with issues they are experiencing in putting their device into sleep mode and returning from sleep. He refers to the problem as Sleep of Death, which seems more than appropriate.

What worked for me was to disable the Power Management features for the affected driver.  For a wireless driver you would do this by going into Device Manager, right clicking on the relevant device and selecting Properties.

You may then see a Power Management tab.  Not all device or drivers implement this interface, so if yours does not you will not see the tab.

If there is one select that tab and then clear both of the checkboxes shown in the screenshot below. 

I’m giving this a try and will report back as to what it does in my situation.

By the way, congratulations to Craig on the birth of his son, Oliver.

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