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A rugged UMPC



Warner has posted link to the first rugged UMPC by General Micro System – the Spartan. The Spartan is built for military purposes.

Check out these specs:

• Ultra small footprint – 6.5”x3.0”x 0.5” (first rugged UMPC)
• Fits in Warfighter’s pant pouch, with 6-hour battery life
• Up to 1.4GHz Pentium®-M processor with up to 2Mbytes of L2 Cache
• Up to 2Gbytes of ECC memory and 16Gbytes of bootable Flash

• CompuSec and E-Purge prevents unauthorized or enemy access

Spartan may be equipped with up to 2GB of 266MHz DDR memory and is designed with the future in mind: it will support the next generation of Pentium Core Due® processors from Intel® for even lower power, lower cost and faster operations.

Price: $3400

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