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A small Thinkpad Tablet PC in the works?



I was talking with a good friend of mine over the weekend who passed along some very interesting information regarding Lenovo. I trust the man completely and feel good about blogging it.

Before the X41 Tablet PC was announced last year, he was given a private demo of the X41 during an IBM Partner conference. During that time, he was told that a smaller Tablet PC was also being developed and would be coming to market. Now, a lot has occured since that partner conference and I have not found anything concrete to add to what he told me, but considering the tremendous success of the X41 and the market focus on ultra-mobile pcs, I’d be shocked if Lenovo didn’t come out with it.

Although he did not know the exact size, my suspicions are that it will likely be an 8” convertible. A 10” convertible will be too close to the X41 and upcoming X60 tablet pc.

If I learn anything else about it, I’ll be sure to pass it along. Until then, keep your eyes and ears open on this one.

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