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A special InkShow coming up



We’ve had a lot of requests to do an InkShow comparison between the Fujitsu T4215 Tablet PC and the Lenovo X60 Tablet PC.

Well, good news is on the way. John Hill from Allegiance Technology Partners is sending me the Fujitsu T4215 to review, and I just picked up an X60 Tablet PC from a GottaBeMobile forum member at a really, really good price.

I’m expecting both machines to come in next week, so I’ll spend the week playing with them both, and try to get the InkShow up by next weekend. This will primarily be an InkShow on the T4215, but I’ll definitely be including some comparison video on the two tablet pcs, and offer up some user experience opinions on the  two devices as well.  In addition, I’ll do some basic benchmark tests between the two devices.


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