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A Tablet PC and a wedding



Gary, a reader, wrote to me on Sunday about purchasing his first Tablet PC and how he was able to put it right to work. It is a heck of a story and one I thought all of our readers might enjoy:

Hi Rob,

First, let me tell you how much I appreciate your site.  Im relatively new to Tablet PCs (being a die-hard Mac man), but I needed to get a Windows machine for some of the consulting work I do, and was able to get an HP TC1100 absolutely love the machine, and your site has been a BIG help!  I also appreciate your faith journey, and have been praying for you and your family.

Anyway, I did a 4th of July wedding today, on the shores of Lake Michigan.  It was a beautiful, but very windy day, and I decided to try to do the entire service off my TC1100.  What a hoot!  I typed in the wedding service, the meditation and the whole order in sequence, kicked the font to 18 points, and then made a PDF out of the whole thing.  That way, I could rotate to portrait mode, and use the thumb switch on the side of the computer to advance the PDF (viewed in full screen mode) one page at a time.  The service went well, and I wasnt fumbling for books, bibles and notes in the semi-gale force winds.  Next hurdlepreaching from the tablet!

The one interesting item was that there were six open WiFi networks on that resort beach area, so I shut of the WiFi lest I get a Skype call mid-service!

Thanks again for your informative site.


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