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On, we frequently push developers to make their apps friendly for Tablet PC users  – from navigation issues, to application width, to the size of controls, adding context for the text fields, etc.

Vasanth Dharmaraj has been making suggestions to the developer of News Alloy, and the developer has been listening.

News Alloy is an online news reader that implements a lot AJAX types of UI controls, offering a rich experience for users. Vasanth’s suggestions included making it easier for tablet pc users in slate mode to jump to the next post with the press of one button, archiving all the posts with the press of a single button, and hiding unnecessary toolbars to help give more viewing width while in portrait mode. These were all suggestions made by Vasanth in order to give the best experience for Tablet PC users and the developer implemented them within days.

Read Vasanth’s blog for all the details and then check out News Alloy. I’ll be checking it out today. Best of all – News Alloy is free.


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