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A Tale of Tea and Two iPhones



As usual, our day started by rolling out of bed at 4:30 am, looking for some clean workout clothes. My wife and I both instinctively grabbed our iPhones and hit the Mail icon. While we brushed our teeth, we watched our mail and texts come in – some from our workout partners making sure we were awake and heading out the door, others wanting to convince us of the need for some killer supplement that will extend our life by 28 years. Eyes still half closed, we made our way down stairs, threw down some water and a bar, and then headed to the gym.

While at the gym, I listened to music, read some books using the Kindle app, and tracked my workout progress using THI Personal Trainer. My wife talked to her workout buddy the entire time, never giving her iPhone a second thought. We stayed about an hour, each wondering why we do this to ourselves every morning.

Back at home, we showered, ate breakfast, and with 4 kids in tow and iPhones tucked safely in our pockets, we headed out the door to Boulder for the day for our daughter’s weekly doctor’s appointment. While I drove, my wife checked her email, sent texts back and forth to her friends, and read some books on her Kindle. I checked email periodically, hit a few websites up during some some stops, and answered   phone calls. We all chatted back and forth in between different imaginary games the kids were playing. During a break, we stopped at Celestial Seasonings for a plant tour and ate lunch. During that time, I caught up on a bunch of email from work, took pictures of the kids standing in front of tea pots and Sleepy Time bears, cleared out my sinuses in the “mint room”, and enjoyed some really good tea.

With 20 minutes to spare, we made a bee-line over to Maggie’s doctor’s office for her appointment where we spent the next hour. The kids and I talked, they read and played, I worked on my Tablet PC, while Kathi and Maggie met with the doctor. After Maggie was finished, we all piled back in the car and headed home – Kathi checking email and sending / receiving texts, me answering phone calls and dealing with 4:00 Denver I-25 traffic, and the kids playing some Celestial Seasoning bear games.

By the time we got home at 4:30, we were all plum exhausted, only to   realize that we were to repeat the whole process again next Wednesday, and the following Wednesday, and so on.

My wife’s iPhone battery level at the end of the day: 20%
My iPhone battery level at the end of the day: 100%, with 75% remaining on my Mophie Juice Pack Air. It is the best $80 I’ve spent in a long time.

I only wish I had a Mophie Juice Pack Air that would plug in to my brain and help me get through the next Wednesday. My wife wants one, too.

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