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A Toshiba UMPC on the way? Its coming



Rob Bushway

I did a little bit of checking on Hugo’s Toshiba UMPC article where he talks about an upcoming article in regarding a Toshiba UMPC. I checked with a source of mine at Toshiba and he had this to say:

Sorry, but my inquiries with product planning are coming up blank. Nobody knows what he is referring to… wish I could help.

I then contacted Dan Warne, the author and News Editor at APC Magazine. He sent me an image of the actual article titled ““Toshiba’s Secret Project” where he interviews Toshiba Product Marketing Manager, Matt Codrington. He asked that I not post the article or transcript it due to copyright issues, but that I could relay the facts of the article to you. I’m going to honor Dan’s request and not post it ( I don’t want to get sued ), but I can attest to you that the article is real and I’ve seen it. Here is a summary of what Matt Codrignton told Dan Warne.
  • Dan asks Matt if this ““mysterious device” is going to compete with the Nokia 770. Matt admits that they have a project underway, it is nothing like a PDA, it will support tablet pc functionality with a strong focus on a much ““more natural user input.”
  • The device will have loads of connectivity options
  • That devices smaller than 7” are difficult to use all day every day.
  • That the devices like the one they are working on will need to handle rich digital multi-media.
  • Dan asks him if it is another Tablet PC. Matt tells him that there will be support for pen input, but wouldn’t want to classify it in the Tablet PC category.
  • He also says that it will be different in terms of weight and form factor.

The context of the article, the direct questions and direct answers, all point to an upcoming Toshiba UMPC.

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