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A User Reviews The Dell XT Tablet PC



Wallace Lau has posted a user review of Dell’s Latitude XT Tablet PC on There are a lot of first’s going in with this review. This is the first time I’ve seen a hands on user review of the XT. Wallace Lau is admittedly a first time Tablet PC user, choosing to enter Tablet PC waters for the first time with the XT. This is the first time I’ve seen a comparison of any capacative touch screens, much less Dell’s boldly featured screen vs that installed in some Mobile Data Terminals. (Mr. Yau is familiar with the latter.)

It is certainly an informative review when you consider those perspectives and also well illustrated with pictures. I have to say I’m a bit suprised with some of the findings (about the XT and some performance issues, not the review) but you’ll have to give it a read yourself to find out what those are.

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