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A Victory (of sorts) In The Asus R2H/Vista Driver Struggle



While Asus R2H owners continue to wait for promised Vista drivers beyond the BIOS update that has been released, they continue hacking to try and get functionality working. One of the issues that has continually eluded R2H owners is resolution switching. UK R2H owner David Maiden emailed me this morning with a solution to this. Here is his method from his email:

“Firstly you need to have the drivers and software installed for the Intel 915GM/GMS, 910GML Chipset (either from the Asus utility disk, Asus support or the newest version from at Intel. – I have problems with this new version though i.e. when sending a higher resolution output to my monitor, the utility keeps refreshing during the countdown period where you need to confirm to save the new resolutions setting, this making it impossible to save the setting before it reverts back to what it was before)


Assuming Intel’s stuff is installed go to display settings, and hit the ‘Advanced Settings’ button, next go to the Monitor tab, If the resolution changer is not working for you it is probably because the ‘Hide modes that this monitor cannot display’ is checked. Un-checking this box will allow ‘unsupported resolutions to be visible via the ‘properties button’


Although these are unsupported at native resolution with the pixel doubling effect they can be supported.


You should now find when using the resolution switcher making a change has an effect; I hope this means you can now have a Vista R2H, with working screen resolution changer – usually the big deal breaker preventing people keeping with Vista on their R2H’s.


It’s hard to believe that the fix is so easy and it was that simple, I’ve been trying to figure it for a while now, obviously when the graphics utility has this box checked it must prevents the Asus utility from changing the resolutions to ‘unsupported sizes’ which the Intel graphics is not allowing. With it unchecked the Asus utility can run and do its pixel doubling magic.”


David has also posted this in the Asus forums. I haven’t had an opportunity to check it out but I’ll report once I do. Thanks, David for passing this along.  


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