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A Vista Multi-Touch Demo from WinHEC



Chris DeHerra, of, has a cool video and presentation slides from WinHEC demonstrating some prototype multi-touch functionality within Vista. Using two fingers, a user can zoom, squeeze, and draw using two different colors at the same time. Note: this is a prototype only, and there are no plans for when or if this will even be released to public. Prototype stuff like this, though, is usually a year or two out. And with the anticipated iPhone right around the corner, I’m sure Microsoft won’t want to let multi-touch stuff get too far away from them.

Which begs the question – how would you like to use multi-touch, as demonstrated in the video and on the iPhone, with your Tablet PC and UMPC? What real world scenarios could you envision? I can definitely see modeling, drawing, games, etc coming in to play.

While visiting, checkout the video of the UMPC House Control demo, too.

Very cool stuff for Tablet PC and UMPCs – good work, Chris.

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