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A wonderful Tablet PC review



Hugo Ortega has pointed to a wonderful review by David Wallace, a quadriplegic, who does a review on the Sahara Tablet PC. It is very inspiring and well done. 

Technology is only beneficial when it impacts how you live – and it is very inspiring to see how David takes technology and makes it work to impact how he lives. Well done, David!

I’m not sure I was any faster writing (penning?), ‘scrawling’ than typing on the screen initially, but I’ve been so used to not being able to write for so long maybe typing has become more ‘normal’ to me. I was certainly getting quicker the more I used it. Even though I was using my mouth it somehow felt more ‘natural’ to ‘write’ and I’d imagine anyone who can write would find it intuative. I also think that it would be a boon to those new to computers who break into a confusion of fear when faced with a computer keyboard.





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