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A Word from One Voice Technologies



One Voice Technologies Every once in a while I’m really surprised the response to a particular article. In this case, I quoted Dean Weber, President and CEO of One Voice Technologies, on the prediction of 90 million MIDs in 2012 (based on research from ABI Research). And I got an email the next day from Mr. Weber himself.

Over the next two years the size of the MID will become about the size of a current smartphone.  This is about as small as they will probably go while keeping a reasonable screen size for full Internet browsing.  One thing to keep in mind regarding the ABI Research prediction is that Apple has already shown the demand for a small fully functional web browser in their current iPhone.  The iPhone is very much like a MID although the iPhone lacks WiMAX, video camera, etc. – I’m sure Apple has this in the works.  You will see an overlap soon between the iPhone and MIDs and people will demand more functionality from their devices – like the functionality in a MID.

I was thinking about his statements when I posted about Intel’s Silverthorne processor a few minutes ago and thought I should share his wisdom. I think he’s on to something.  One thing I hear consistently from my friends with iPhones is that they loving having a full browser. Maybe MIDs will bring that to me too, and 90 million will sell by 2012. And if One Voice Technologies has their way, all 90 million will be voice-controllable.


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