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Accessory Hopes to Wirelessly ‘Moov’ Your iPhone’s Display to a Larger HDTV



There are now a number of solutions–from VGA to component and composite cables to HDMI adapters–that aim mirror your iPhone’s or iPad’s display to a larger monitor, and now an Israeli startup is looking to do just that, but without wires. The company has built a prototype case, called the Moov, which has all the necessary electronic components in a form-fitted, slim iPhone case to transmit what’s being shown on your Apple smartphone to a larger HDTV sans wires.

Various apps were being shown mirrored to a larger HDTV, including Facebook, games such as Angry Birds where the iPhone’s touchscreen served as a controller, and accelerometer-based games where users would tilt and move their iPhones to control game play on the larger display without wires, much like Nintendo’s Wii gaming console for the living room.

Aside from the case, all you need is a WHDI-compatible TV or a TV with a WHDI receiver to receive the wirelessly transmitted signals.

The concept demonstrates not just how iOS can be mirrored to a larger TV, but also opens the doors to developers, if this thing gets commercialized, to create compelling applications for use in this type of setting in the living room. We’ve heard of how Apple can take on Sony and Microsoft in the living room with iOS’s gaming capabilities, and perhaps with the Moov concept, this can be closer to reality sans Apple TV even.


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