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Account Chooser Makes iPhone Friendly for Google Addicts



As an iPhone users that loves Google products like Gmail, Google’s new Account Chooser for mobile browsers is the perfect tweak to keep me logged in to Gmail and other Google products while on my iPhone.

The new Account Chooser displays a list of accounts I’ve signed in to Google services like Gmail or Analytics, allowing me to choose from existing accounts when I need to log in to a new Google service.

Some pages ask for my password, while others allow me to log in without entering a long and complex password again.

Switching from Android to iPhone wasn’t an easy jump thanks to the lack of great Google apps for the iPhone, but this small browser feature helps me access the Google services I use daily on my iPhone without giving up too much or logging in 10 times a day. The browser still doesn’t match Gmail on Android or the Google Analytics app, but the account chooser makes being a Google user with an iPhone easier.

One of the best things about the new Google Account Chooser on the iPhone is the ability to control which accounts I am logged into for which Google services. This helps with logging in to Gmail with my personal account, and still accessing Analytics with my work email. The same goes for logging in to shopping sites and other Google properties.

How to Set up Account Chooser on iPhone

Visit Gmail on the iPhone, and look for a small notice at the bottom of the login screen. If needed, log out to reach this screen.

Google Account Chooser

Google Account Chooser

Once on the Account Chooser page, log in and choose to Remember this account.

Google iPhone Account Chooser 2

Remember this account.

From there, repeat the step with other Google accounts. This works with Google Apps for Domains accounts and gmail accounts.

When loggin in to a new Google site, the service will show the account chooser, shown below.

Google iPhone Account Chooser 4

Pick between multiple accounts.

Depending on the service users may not need to enter their password, but at the least, the email will be pre-loaded.

This won’t bring Google Maps for iPhone to the app store any quicker, but it’s a great addition for users that need to use several Google products on the iPhone.

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