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Acer Aspire One In The House



Well, as promised, on my dinner break between shows at Wayside Theatre I headed back to Circuit City and I did manage to purchase an Acer Aspire One Netbook (or whatever you want to call them.) Price was $379. I haven’t opened it up yet as I’m hoping my lovely wife Thomasin will be in the mood for an unboxing when she gets home from her show tonight. (If you’ve been keeping score you know we’re running two shows in two different theatres at the moment.)


Intriguingly when I went into the store there were still no Aspires to be seen on the shelves. When I asked the manager about this he said they had them in the back. I asked why they weren’t on the shelves and his answer was that they were too small to fit under the laptop locks that keep folks from stealing. So, I guess when it comes to small devices like Netbooks, the big boxes are either going to need to retool their displays or consumers won’t get much opportunity to put their hands on one before a purchase. Of course in my mind that means that is a less than satisfactory way to market something where the size and weight are key components.

Ah, well. We’ll see if we can’t get that unboxing InkShow up soon.

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