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Acer Aspire One Jumping On WWAN Bandwagon



There has been a recent push for the small UMPC/ULCPC/MID/Netbook/Mini-whatever-the-catch-phrase-of-the-day-is devices to include some implementation of 3G connectivity. Joining Asus’s eee Pc and Fujitsu’s U810 (and the others who started life with WWAN), Acer’s Aspire One is also getting its own 3G connection. I know that with the Fujitsu U810 as well as the T2010 with WWAN capabilities, users are locked in to AT&T’s network. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not as you are not only locked in to a specific carrier with these devices, you are also locked to the device. If the UMPC is the only computer you have with 3G connectivity, it will be the only computer you can access the web with, unless, of course, you have another way of getting wireless data. What would you rather have, a small USB or ExpressCard 3G modem or would you rather each device have its own dedicated modem? I wonder if the integration of WWAN into these supposedly low-cost devices is one of the reasons being given for their seemingly high price. What are your thoughts and comments on these small netbooks having WWAN built-in?

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