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Acer Aspire One – Perfect for Children



photo I was around at a few different stores over the weekend and saw a few things that I didn’t expect to see (or at least know about).  One I didn’t know about was the Sony Reader being at Target for sale.  Not that it’s odd, I just haven’t seem them in a store.  There was also a NetBook there, the Asus Eee PC with a $349.99 price tag.  One that I took a picture of that really made an impression was at Wall-Mart.  They are selling the Acer Aspire One in the blue and white configuration.  The display was fully targeted at adults to make the purchase for their children.  The display is in the picture, but look at the wording – ““Give your kids a fun and exciting way to experience the Internet” and ““A child’s perfect first computer”.  Kind of an interesting ad campaign if you ask me!  But, IMO, this kind of eliminates a whole slew of people that might be a great fit for this platform.

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