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Acer C200 Series Tablet – A lifekludger review



After doing my own review of the Acer C200 series, I have kept an eye out for other reviews. I’m afraid I really got shown up this time!

Want to see a true test of “usability” and accessibility on the Acer C200? Enter David Wallace, aka “lifekludger”. Dave is a C4 Quadraplegic since an auto accident in 1981, and he knows how to make a Tablet PC do it’s thing!

Dave managed to borrow a C200, and spent some great time working on it and judging it’s true accessibility. Here is a clip from his C200 review:

“In short, for me, operating a computer as I do with a disability layout and positioning is everything, well the absolute first priority overriding all other considerations anyway. If I can’t reach it with my mouthstick, leave it in the box! So the Acer really grabbed my attention.
When I got hold of one I found the layout of keyboard, with the keys right at the front edge, the compact design and the ‘reachable-ness’ of everything brilliant. The Trackpoint ‘pointer’ device, although not my ultimate device for pointing, worked for me and the little scroll-wheel, which was an added feature I hadn’t accounted for, I found handy and easy to use, despite the angle. The fact it has great specs, speed, all the connectivity you could want and Tablet functions to boot were pleasing benefits”.

He has also done a review of the Sahara slate Tablet. Check out his blog!

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