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Acer C200 series Tablet PC review!



Well, one would think as long as it took my to get this review done that this one would be pretty good! Not so sure about that fact, but I do have to say it was quite the learning experience! This review is a bit more comprehensive (and thus much larger and longer) than most we have done.

In this review, I spent a good bit of time with the Acer C200 Tablet PC, doing both hardware videos as well as some Camtasia InkShows of utilities, etc.. I really enjoyed this piece of equipment, it was sturdy, dependable, and unique in a number of ways. Acer has been doing Tablet PC’s since the beginning, and it shows in their products. From the nice internal optical drive to the unique slide up screen, this Tablet PC is well worth taking a good look at.

In this review, I went a bit ““tongue in cheek”, starting with the best moment of all – opening the box (my favorite part of any technology purchase)! Also included are startup videos, installed utilities demo, and much more. And can you guess which popular Tablet PC character I am impersonating in the beginning of this video? I’ll give you a hint — he wears sunglasses!

Our special thanks go out to Mr. John Hill at Allegiance Technology Partners for providing the hardware (and the patience for getting this review done). Please check out their site for all your Tablet and Ultra Mobile PC needs. We want John to continue to send us hardware for review, and your patronage will help that! They also offer a 48 hour Tablet PC demo for only the cost of the freight!

Starting price: $1,598, with many accessories including internal optical drive.

Let us know what you think and comment with your questions!

UPDATE – I now notice that the small embedded Camtasia videos are very blurry in the final production.  They are a small portion of this review and you still get the gist of what is being shown, but it’s not sharp and up to InkShow standards!  I’ll fix that later or upload them as separate files.  Probably be tomorrow though.


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