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Acer Getting Ready to Roll Out MIDs



Yahoo News is reporting that Acer is getting ready to roll out a series of Mobile Internet Devices (MID) by the end of May. Except for saying that the devices will feature version 4.0 of Acer’s Shell User Interface and that the devices will feature 3G connectivity and be able to share data, Acer wasn’t getting into much more detail at the investment conference. Engadget is reminding us of a patent application that Acer laid out back in 2009 that this line of MIDs will probably be based on.

Let’s see, MIDs. Oh, yeah, they were supposed to be the next big thing, like a year ago. That may be a bit snarky on my part, given that Acer’s biggest markets are Europe and Asia and those markets view things quite a bit differently than we do here in the states.

Via Engadget

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